Features of the Android app

Each PIN is hidden in a separate image file highly encrypted. Decryption is impossible without this app and your own fingerprint.

The app needs the right to write photos, media and files. At this location, the encrypted graphics are stored with the PIN. You are thus freely accessible. However, strangers can not do anything with these files.

The app work with F5, a secure steganographic algorithm, which embeds data into images. Data are encrypted with the application signature.

The credit cards are recorded with the last six digits of their number. For several cards with the same card number (girocard), the numbers on the back can also be used.

The app automatically adjusts the number of last digits to be entered. If there is a match, the last six digits are automatically displayed. At the same time the input of a valid fingerprint is requested. If this is determined correctly, the PIN is decrypted and displayed.

This app can be tested for 14 days. Thereafter, the number of PIN is limited to one. The purchase of the Pro version (0.99 EUR) removes this limitation.